Our eyewear is made from biocompatible polyamide using the latest 3D printing technology. Each pair of glasses is then cleaned by hand, sanded, coloured and sealed.

Regarding our production, we do not only attach great importance to the quality of each individual design, its surface and durability, but above all to ecologically valuable and sustainable processes.

High End 3D Printing Technology

In the SLS method (selective laser sintering), the models are built up layer by layer from 100% biocompatible polyamide with the help of a 3D printer. No waste is produced in the process. Thus, the entire process leaves an extremely small ecological footprint.

100% Biocompatible Material

The material we use in our 3D printing process is a 100% bio-based polymer made from the oil of the castor plant. This material not only comes from renewable sources, but is also anti-allergenic.

Precise Finishing

Once printed, we remove any powder residue from each pair of glasses by hand using brushes. Afterwards, each model is glass bead blasted and slide sanded for several hours in a trowalizer to further compact and smooth the surface.

Surface Refinement

Last but not least, each pair of glasses is coloured in the selected colour with a special dyeing machine and impregnated with a surface sealant to make them water-repellent and ensure particularly long durability.