Manta 03 Bold

All our models are 3D printed and made of ultra-light polyamide obtained from the oil of the castor plant. The size and frame thickness, among others, are adjustable via our 3D app.

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Since we care for species protection, our frames bear the names of endangered species.
Manta is Spanish and means blanket. With their “big blanket”, giant manta rays reach a wingspan of up to seven metres and a weight of up to two tons.
Oceanic Manta Ray

Giant Manta Ray

Mobula birostris
Giant Manta Ray, Mobula birostris
Mobulidae (manta rays and devilfishes)
The giant manta ray is found worldwide in tropical and temperate waters from the surface to 1,000 m depth.
Geographical Range
Worldwide in all tropical oceans.
According to the IUCN Red List: "Endangered".
Globally, the presumed population decline is 50-79% over three generations (87 years), with further population decline presumed over the next three generations (2018-2105).
Manta Riesenmanta Wallenfels Eyewear

Frame: Manta