Amur 01 Light

All our models are 3D printed and made of ultra-light polyamide obtained from the oil of the castor plant. The size and frame thickness, among others, are adjustable via our 3D app.

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Since we care for species protection, our frames bear the names of endangered species.
The leopard is one of the top predators. They master the art of ambushing at the highest level, lurking and hiding and then suddenly making an explosive charge.
Amur Leopard


Panthera pardus orientalis
Panthera pardus orientalis
Cats (Felidae)
Mountain and mixed forests of the temperate zone of Northeast Asia, preferably species-rich submontane mixed forests of conifers and hardwoods.
Geographical Range
In the extreme southwest of Primorye Province (Russia) and in the opposite border region in China.
Amur leopards are "Critically Endangered" according to the Red List of the World Conservation Union IUCN.
Amur leopards are among the rarest mammals in the world and have the smallest population of all leopards, currently numbering around 100.
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Frame: Amur